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Pure Food Europe

The world of tasteful natural brands!

Pure Food Europa Ltd in Haderslev (DK) is specialised in high quality organic and natural convenience foods for professionals. We are a competent and powerful partner for the food service market, we offer our customers a comprehensive brand portfolio, which meets the highest requirements, with a wide range of products. Pure Food Europe works with leading manufacturers in Europa and Asia who all have the highest possible food certifications. We can meet any volume requirements without compromising quality and taste. Our current product range,  many products vegan or vegetarian, are meeting timely and trendy consumer demands.
Pure Food Europe offers consistent, high quality products without any chemical additives or artificial conservation.

 100% natural!

Pure Food Europe is a first-class partner for high quality food solutions to facility-service companies, catering companies, food distributors and retail chains.



About us

Pure Food Europe is owned by experienced distribution expert Michael Møller

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Michael Møller
Michael is a food nerd and lover and an experienced marketing specialist. He works as a professional board member and strategic business advisor and marketer for SMB companies in particularly northern Europe.
He lived several years in Germany and before that in the UK.
PureFood Europe is situated in Haderslev in Denmark.